Whoa! the title is more like a movie title starred Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. No, this post is not about the appreciation of the movie, though I like it. People said, when you don’t know what to write, just keep writing. I’m writing this while listening to one of my favorite album from Indra Lesmana called “Little Things from The Heart”. I once met him over Sanur Festival 2019 -when I was still living in Bali-, and he’s nice.

This album contains 12 songs, performed by singers mostly from Indonesian Idol (if you share the same era as mine): Monita Tahalea, Nania, Mike Mohede (alm.), Michael Jakarilimena, and Gaby Christy. Oh, and there’s also one song performed by his daughter, Eva Celia.

My favorite song are “Maybe” and “Kisah Yang Indah” performed by Monita Tahalea, and “Renjana” performed by Gaby Christy. I’m not a music nerd, but I could say that this album is so easy listening, brings you calm and peaceful, also suitable in every season. You can play it over your rainy and gloomy day or night.

Talk about music, I kinda random person in music taste. I could listen to EDM for hours while cooking (yea, you’re right, not exercise). But surely, you got me at John Mayer’s album, Continuum and Battle Studies. Those two are magic combo for your Friday night.

If I have to pick favorite song from those album, I surely can’t. I can say, Continuum is his masterpiece of all, from his magical hands and mind. While Battle Studies, oh Gosh! from the very first track, “Heartbreak Warfare” until the last track “Friends, Lovers, or Nothing”, how could I pick one?

I still have a lot of music that I like, as I grew up in late 90’s — 20’s where the good music being produced. Brian McKnight, N’SYNC, Backstreet Boys, even Westlife, you name it.

Even though I love music like crazy, I still don’t know how to play a single instrument. I know it’s sad. I wonder why my mum know how to play synthesizer and guitar, but why can’t I? Also, I’m not a concert’s nerd, never had once. I’m not that kind of person who will go thru every single musical concert. I like sing along in my own room way better than singing with thousands of people in stadium.

I could say, tbh, I learn English from listening music. Looking up thru its lyric, read it, and sing like no one listening to me. And if I don’t know what a single word means, I always have a dictionary with me.

Anyway, just find your muse. What’s your favorite?

Cheers! x

I’m working on my bio, please check again after ten years.